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A44 Kveiking

A44 Kveiking

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 Kveiking [Kuh-vahy-king] n​oun:​ A blend of three Kveik strains that can produce an insane amount of pineapple, guava and other exotic tropical fruit aromas. This blend thrives in hot fermentations when big complex ester profiles are desired. A low pitch rate can be used to drive these aromatics even higher but the brewer should ensure this low pitch rate can be combined with a continuously high fermentation temperature. If the temperature drops too low, the
corresponding level of attenuation can be low, with high terminal gravities. This blend contains flocculent and non-flocculent yeast strains, therefore the clarity of the final beers produced can be variable. Use this blend for anything from new school hazy IPAs to traditional Norwegian farmhouse brews. The Kveiking blend also works well when fermenting kettle soured worts when a strong tropical fruit character is desired.

Ideal Temperature Range: 24-36°C

Flocculation: LOW

Attenuation: 75-85%

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